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We offer products that are Biofertilizer, produced from natural substances, which improve the soil quality and help the plants to absorb more nutrients from the soil. This results in better fertility and better yield!

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BioTonic Power

BioTonic Power is an organic fertilizer (Endophytes and Bacterial microbes) for better yield in all types of plants.

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Bio Amrit

Vasundhara Bio Amrit is an Amino acid-based Plant nutrition enhancer beneficial for most types of crops.

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About Us

Our goal “Fertile Soil, High Productivity, Prosperous farming.”

Our natural and organic products are made by experts with a strong scientific and agricultural background. With the application of our product BioTonic, we expect better fertility, better crop yield and higher resistance towards pests, as well as biotic and abiotic stress. Nurturing Nature with Natural Strength: “BioTonic” empowering the Plants Naturally!

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Vijay Kumar Manik, Farmer

In comparison to other manures and biofertilizers, the crop with BioTonic Power have ... deeper green leaves...

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Vishnu Sopan Sabde, Farmer

Crops in which I have used BioTonic Power has ... a greater number of Pods...

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Balaji Tukaram More, Farmer

I have used BioTonic Power in some fields. In those fields, I can clearly see plants have more branches...

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Want your crops to yield more! Buy our organic Bio-fertilizer!

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