Bio Amrit

Product Description

Vasundhara Bio Amrit is a Amino acid based Plant nutrition enhancer available in liquid form suitable for foliar spray in almost every types of Crops. Major Benefits of its use are as below:
Useful for enhancing production of all types of crops such as : Vegetables, Fruits, Tuber; Flower crops; Grains; Pulses; Spices; and all types of Horticulture crops.


L-Amino acid hydrolysote, small peptides, plant growth promoters and enzymes.
Colour : Dark Brown,
State : Liquid,
Settlements : 2%,
Gas Formation : No

Packing Size

100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1.0 Ltr.

  • Increases greenery in plant and leaves
  • Promotes flower setting
  • Improves quality of production (Better taste and Better texture)
  • Increases the stress tolerance
  • Increases tillering in plants
  • Increases fruiting
  • Increases shelf life of the produce
  • Acts as antioxidant
Method of Application
  • Spray - Mix 2 ml with one liter of water and then spray
  • Mix 1.5 ml with each liter of water, to mix along with fertilizer or pesticide
  • For better result use every 15 days once

Store Below 40c

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